Chapel of Uncommon Prayers

Chapel of Uncommon Prayers is an installation created entirely of books and book objects using hand shapes and gloves, created using traditional book binding techniques in a non-traditional way, the exhibition explores the personal relationship to prayer and devotion, in a world with increasingly difficult, often unanswerable questions. Exploring the needs we have to find quiet space to meditate on our everyday wishes, the walls of the gallery have been painted a series of rich, saturated colors, to create a place a part, in which to explore our personal hopes, dreams and desires. The subjects of the books take all forms—the personal as well as the political—from the desire the have basic needs of shelter, nourishment and love, to broader themes of war and world peace.

The murals on the wall are created digitally, using my own images of my home in Brooklyn, idealized versions of what home is and should be, as well as images from my trip to India in early 2004, which made me very aware of the universal questions of love, hope, peace and spirituality.